Services include: cross-border business, ESG, private investment and family wealth management offices


◆Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: JurArs can assist clients in cross-border M&A transactions, including acquiring foreign companies or expanding clients’ business into foreign markets. They can provide services such as transaction structuring, due diligence, contract drafting, and negotiation to ensure smooth transaction processes.

◆Cross-border Investments: JurArs can provide legal advice and support to clients regarding cross-border investments. They can help clients understand investment regulations, compliance requirements, and tax matters in different countries, as well as provide investment structuring and negotiation support.

◆International Contracts: JurArs can draft and review cross-border contracts, such as supply agreements, distribution agreements, and joint venture agreements. They can assist clients in understanding contract terms and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

◆Cross-border Intellectual Property: The protection and management of intellectual property are crucial in cross-border business. JurArs can provide clients with cross-border intellectual property strategies, registration and protection plans, and represent clients in intellectual property disputes and infringement matters.

◆Cross-border Compliance and Regulation: JurArs can assist clients in understanding and complying with various international and domestic regulations related to cross-border business. They can help clients develop compliance strategies, handle regulatory approvals and reporting requirements, and manage risks and compliance matters.

◆Cross-border Dispute Resolution: If disputes arise in cross-border business, JurArs can represent clients in arbitration, litigation, and other dispute resolution mechanisms. They can provide services such as litigation strategy, evidence collection, and representing clients in court.



◆ESG Strategy and Consulting:
Develop and implement ESG strategies for businesses, helping them achieve sustainable development goals in the areas of environment, social, and governance.
Provide ESG consulting services, including assessing and improving a company’s ESG performance, establishing ESG indicators and targets, and developing corresponding strategic plans.

◆ESG Due Diligence:
Conduct ESG due diligence to assess the environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities of a company.
Identify and evaluate potential ESG issues to assist investors and acquirers in making informed decisions.

◆ESG Reporting and Disclosure:
Assist companies in preparing and publishing ESG reports, disclosing their ESG performance and practices.
Provide guidance and support to ensure that the company’s ESG reporting complies with relevant laws, regulations, and international standards.

◆ESG Training and Education:
Offer ESG training and education to help employees and management understand the importance of ESG, implementation methods, and best practices.
Through training and education, raise awareness and understanding of ESG issues among employees, fostering an ESG culture.

◆ESG Investment and Asset Management:
Provide ESG investment strategies and asset management services, helping investors incorporate ESG factors into their investment decision-making processes.
Offer ESG portfolio assessment and optimization to investors, helping them achieve a balance between financial returns and sustainable development goals.

◆ESG Compliance and Regulation:
Provide ESG compliance consulting to ensure that businesses comply with relevant laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements in the ESG domain.
Assist companies in ESG risk management and compliance audits, ensuring compliance with ESG standards and guidelines.


Private investment and family office

JurArs provides consulting services to clients in mainland China and across borders on inheritance planning, family trusts, family governance, asset protection, and tax planning, among other areas.

◆Asset Management and Planning:
Assist private investors and family offices in asset management and planning, including portfolio management, risk management, and financial planning.
Provide customized solutions tailored to individual and family financial goals.

◆Investment Consulting and Strategy:
Offer investment consulting services to help clients develop investment strategies and plans, including asset allocation and portfolio selection.
Analyze market trends and investment opportunities, provide investment advice, and market insights.

◆Legal Compliance and Estate Planning:
Provide legal compliance consulting to ensure investments and financial activities comply with applicable regulations and legal requirements.
Assist in family wealth succession planning and estate management, including legal support for will creation and trust establishment.

◆Risk Management and Protection:
Offer risk management consulting to help clients identify and evaluate potential risks and provide corresponding risk management strategies and solutions.
Assist in developing insurance strategies and protection measures to safeguard personal and family wealth.

◆Family Office Setup and Management:
Assist in setting up and managing family offices, including support for organizational structure design, governance structure establishment, and family charter formulation.
Provide legal guidance on family office operations and management, including compliance requirements and internal compliance procedures.

◆Tax Planning and Optimization:
Provide tax planning and optimization advice to help minimize tax burdens and optimize financial structures in a legal and compliant manner.
Assist in communication with tax authorities and tax audits.

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