Services include arbitration, litigation, and securities litigation


◆ Arbitration Proceedings:
Assisting clients in selecting appropriate arbitration institutions and rules, and providing detailed explanations and guidance on the arbitration process.
Preparing arbitration applications or defense documents and representing clients throughout various stages of the arbitration proceedings, including the composition of the arbitral tribunal, exchange of evidence, hearings, and the issuance of awards.

◆ Arbitration Agreements:
Providing consultation and drafting services regarding arbitration clauses and agreements, ensuring their proper inclusion and enforcement in contracts.
Assessing and modifying existing contracts and business agreements to ensure that the arbitration provisions comply with the latest legal requirements and best practices.

◆ Arbitration Procedure Management:
Assisting clients in managing arbitration proceedings, including communication with arbitration institutions, document submission, payment procedures, and scheduling.
Providing strategic planning and management of the arbitration process to ensure the maximum protection of clients’ interests.

◆ Dispute Resolution Strategy:
Analyzing clients’ disputes and developing appropriate dispute resolution strategies, including arbitration, mediation, or litigation.
Offering professional advice to assess the reasonableness, feasibility, and expected outcomes of disputes, helping clients make wise decisions.

◆ Enforcement and Appeals:
Assisting clients in enforcing arbitration awards, including domestic and cross-border enforcement procedures.
Providing appellate services and representing clients in appeals and related legal proceedings concerning arbitration awards, protecting their rights and interests.

The arbitration team at Ju’erui has extensive experience in arbitration practice and is familiar with various arbitration institutions and rules. They are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality arbitration services, helping them resolve disputes, and safeguarding their rights and interests in the commercial and international domains.



◆ Contract Disputes:
Representing clients in handling disputes related to contract breaches, contract interpretation, contract performance, and other contract-related issues.
Providing contract drafting and review services to minimize the occurrence of contract disputes.

◆ Corporate Disputes:
Handling disputes among shareholders, board members, and those related to corporate governance.
Representing clients in shareholder disputes, corporate restructuring, director liability, and other corporate legal issues.

◆ Business Tort:
Handling disputes related to business torts, including misappropriation of trade secrets, intellectual property infringement, unfair competition, and trademark infringement.
Representing clients in protecting their business interests and pursuing legal liabilities of the infringing parties.

◆ Debt Collection and Debt Disputes:
Representing creditors or debtors in debt disputes, debt recovery, and debt performance issues.
Providing legal advice and agency services related to debt restructuring, debt liquidation, and bankruptcy procedures.

◆ Unfair Competition:
Handling disputes arising from unfair competition practices, including false advertising, commercial defamation, disparagement, and slander.
Representing clients in safeguarding their reputation and market position and seeking compensation and remedies.

◆ Trade Disputes:
Representing clients in handling international trade disputes, including disputes related to import-export contracts, tariffs, and trade restrictions.
Providing relevant international trade legal advice and dispute resolution services.


Securities Litigation

◆ Securities Fraud Litigation:
Representing investors in pursuing compensation and remedies in securities fraud cases.
Investigating and gathering evidence, drafting complaints and other legal documents, and representing clients in litigation proceedings.

◆ Insider Trading Litigation:
Representing investors or regulatory bodies in handling disputes and violations related to insider trading.
Analyzing relevant transactions and information disclosures, providing legal advice, and representing clients in insider trading litigation proceedings.

◆ Securities False Statement Litigation:
Representing investors in dealing with lawsuits arising from securities false statements.
Analyzing and investigating the truthfulness and accuracy of the relevant statements, representing clients in seeking compensation and remedies.

◆ Securities Trading Disputes:
Handling disputes related to securities trading, including disputes over stock purchase and sale contracts, equity transfer disputes, and more.
Representing clients in arbitration, litigation, or other dispute resolution procedures.

◆ Regulatory Investigations and Administrative Litigation:
Assisting clients in dealing with regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings.
Providing legal advice and agency services to handle administrative litigation matters involving regulatory bodies.

The securities litigation team at Ju’erui has extensive litigation experience and expertise, familiar with the securities market and securities laws and regulations. They are committed to protecting investors’ rights and pursuing compensation and remedies through litigation. Whether it’s securities fraud, insider trading, securities false statements, or other securities trading disputes, Ju’erui can provide comprehensive legal support and agency services to clients.