Jus est ars boni et aequi ── 法律是善与公平的艺术


Loyalty, preciseness, erudition and innovation


Make every coin worthy of a legal safe deposit box.


JurArs defends the goodness and justice of the law at every era.


Originating from the name of Lady Justice in Roman mythology, it interprets the ancient Roman law saying: “Fiat justitia ruat caelum”. Lady Justice represents self-discipline, overcoming temptation, fairness and justice.
Jur is the pursuit and understanding of the law by JurArs’ ,who are just, fair, not tempted, and fearless of power, and spare no effort to protect and safeguard the maximum legal rights and interests of customers.


Initially referring to skills, techniques. In ancient Rome, it refers to the skills mastered by nobles and free men, which later evolved into the Western education system. The “seven liberal arts” include grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. During the Renaissance, it was associated with “beauty”. The ultimate form of the modern art system was ultimately determined, namely “Beaux Arts”, which includes painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and music. Develop into an important Liberal arts college in the western education system.
Ars represents the foundation and culture of the law firm expected by JurArs’. With private equity investment as the core and commercial transactions as the cornerstone, it has precipitated an international legal service institution that can serve investors and entrepreneurial teams well, and a Liberal arts education platform to train commercial legal talents.

The first character “觉” consists of two parts with “学” at its top and “见” at its bottom. “学” represents that with erudition and ambition, JurArs strives continuously to strengthen itself. “见” means that from the first small beginnings, JurArs can see how things will develop. Then JurArs will reflect carefully and practice earnestly. Combining the two Chinese characters of “学” and “见”, “觉” represents that JurArs lawyers are loyal and wise. We reflect carefully, discriminate clearly and practice earnestly.

The second character “睿” also consists of two parts with “谷” at its top and “目” at its bottom. “谷” means that JurArs has an open mind like a valley and an inclusive heart like an ocean. “目” represents with a broad and long-term view, JurArs has ample virtue and carries all things. Combining “目” and “谷” together, “睿” means with warm hearts and willingness to help, JurArs lawyers speak with honesty, operate with professional skills, and act at the right moment.

Problem-solving Ability

JurArs has rich cross disciplinary business experience and the ability to comprehensively solve problems in different legal fields such as criminal, civil, administrative, and international law. In the process of problem-solving, emphasis is placed on efficiency and stability. The lawyer team provides quick response and professional consulting services to improve communication efficiency and ensure that client issues are professionally and efficiently resolved.

Diversified Solutions

JurArs has always believed that “methods are always more difficult than difficulties”, and has constantly dismantled and reshaped the transaction structure through litigation, negotiation, pre litigation mediation and other means. Provide innovative, effective, and transaction oriented solutions within the legal framework from all angles, combining litigation and non litigation. Provide customers with comprehensive and efficient one-stop legal services to help achieve business and dispute resolution goals.

Global Resource Integration

JurArs has an integrated professional lawyer team composed of litigation and non litigation partners, as well as strong external expert resources. We collaborate year-round with law teams in Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, and other regions. We also leverage the expertise of global tax experts, accounting firms, consulting firms, and legal experts to provide comprehensive solutions and processing from multiple perspectives for different clients’ needs and purposes.

Cost efficiency

JurArs team ensures the maximization of customer benefits and will select the best from the best to find the lowest priced solution for customers. And our legal team conducts effective and timely communication, flat communication, project-based communication, and avoids unnecessary hierarchical communication around the client’s core objectives, without lengthy communication costs. Simplify complex issues when serving customers.

Sustainable Development

JurArs focuses on sustainable development in the industry and focuses on researching cutting-edge investment tracks, global hotspots, and focal legal fields within the internal construction research institute. Paying attention to talent cultivation and committed to establishing the Boya College of Business Lawyers. Through the youth lawyer training system, we aim to cultivate professional and stable talents, continuously provide talent for the industry, and promote sustainable development.